Operational Excellence for Utilities

Rationalize and increase agility

As a progressive utility, how will digital transformation contribute directly to optimizing your commercial and production processes and your asset and workforce management?


The rate of change for every utility is continually accelerating. The pursuit of operational excellence is no longer about shaving a few percent off operational and IT costs. It is about ensuring that your overall operational design is founded on the potential of digital empowerment – about making sure that actionable real-time data can be used to deliver radical improvement with regard to cost, agility and investment protection.


Just think about the emergence of smart grids and meters; the massive rise in affordable sensors; and the rapid advance of mobile and geo-location technologies. These are just some of the innovations which will underpin your ability to set new standards for operational excellence.

Creating a unified view of your operational and information technologies become the foundation of digitally empowered operational excellence.


In our exploration of digital transformation, we will share ideas and examples of specialties including:


  • Next-generation asset management - Using smart predictive maintenance to maximize useful life of all assets
  • ITO and Cloud Services - Adopting partnership models which support your actual business ambitions

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