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Rebalancing the transport equation: integrated thinking for sustainable networks

Transport is inevitably the most global of all industries and a massively diverse sector. To achieve strategic goals and improve quality of life, transport management will be an issue of the greatest strategic concern. Information, and information management is the essential foundation for an effective transport system, and that’s where Atos has the power to make the difference.


Transport is in our DNA: our heritage is rooted in road and rail management along with complete airport delivery. We also work closely with local and national authorities to improve mobility and address congestion challenges. No technology company knows more about transport than us. The new Atos transportation division offers a broad portfolio of efficient, reliable information and communication technology solutions, making us one of the world’s few providers of comprehensive solutions for passenger and freight transportation and logistics.


Atos has exceptional experience in every aspect of transport systems, from fleet management systems to passenger information systems; from loyalty cards to aircraft maintenance; from baggage handling to automatic fare collection; from online ticketing to real-time logistics, and from daily life to special events. Our intelligent, integrated solutions enable more efficient utilization of transportation networks, which is vital for long-term economic growth.


Atos works with clients in transport on a broad range of innovative initiatives like:


  • Vehicle tracking and passenger information
  • Metropolitan congestion charging and traffic management
  • Integrated/multimodal ticketing and journey management for railway, bus and metro
  • Complete system integration for airports and Operational ERP for airports and metro
  • Connected vehicle programs with automotive and telematics services companies


We hold the IPs for some of our home grown end-to-end transport solutions which sets us apart in the transport services industry. There are several successful implementations globally to prove our time-tested solutions.


Additionally our software factories here in India, make an essential contribution to application development and management, to ensure that all new developments are effectively integrated and tested prior to release for our global customers.


We never forget that transport, public or private, is ultimately about delivering convenience and quality to the travelling public. Atos is heavily involved in developing and managing systems for improving relationships between operators and passengers and in raising service quality at the same time.



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