WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling

For Communications Service Providers (CSPs) looking to offer rich PBX-like functionalities to their customers independently of the customers’ handsets, and without the limitations of having premise-based equipment, Atos offers their flagship Virtual PBX product.

Atos has developed an advanced Next Generation Intelligent Networks (NGIN) product in order to provide innovative telephony Centrex services. Over the last 10 years, our robust Virtual PBX has been selected and deployed internationally in major tier-1 mobile operators. Our Virtual PBX is a feature-rich, future-proofed product that supports all types of customers’ handsets: 2G/ 3G/ VoLTE / VoWiFi mobile phones, IP hard phones, PC phones,... and the evolution from 2G/3G to All-IP networks.

The Virtual PBX product from Atos provides all the flexibility required to support the various possible business strategies that CSPs may want to offer to their business and residential customers:

  • Fixed-Mobile Substitution (FMS) – In an FMS model, mobile operators replace PABX extensions with mobile subscriptions and provide PABX-like features over the mobile network. Mobile operators get additional mobile income from the replacement of fixed lines by mobile subscriptions.
  • Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) – In an FMC model, fixed lines are replaced by IP phones and the IP and mobile extensions are integrated seamlessly. PABX features are delivered in a mixed mobile, PSTN, and IP environment. Operators can provide new convergent services, at competitive prices.
  • Fixed-Mobile Integration (FMI, also known as business trunking). In an FMI model, the CS/PS PABX of a business customer is integrated by connecting it over the operator’s IMS network. Operators can integrate the enterprise’s PABX extensions with the mobile extensions.

Proven Results

Our Virtual PBX has significantly contributed to the business success of major tier-1 mobile operators:


  • 12% annual increase in Enterprise market share
  • 16% increase in ARPU
  • 4% increase in talk time
  • Up to 10% churn reduction

Combining the extensive catalogue of pre-built, ready to use Virtual PBX services such as Manager-AssistantRing-Back when Free, Advance Call Forwarding, and many more... into targeted market offerings enable the rapid deployment of new products with minimum development costs, and a fast-track for business growth.



Business benefits

With the Virtual PBX from Atos you, as a CSP, can help businesses of all sizes boost their productivity, enjoy cheaper communications costs, and gain more flexibility to adapt their communications to the changing business needs:

 Boost productivity
  • Virtual PBX offers simpler and more transparent communications to your customers, so they can focus on their business, and not be worried about having an on-site PBX or having to become a communications expert.
  • Your customers will be able to achieve a greater degree of productivity in their businesses, thanks to the richer functionality provided by your Virtual PBX offering. For example, they will “Never Miss a Call”  and be able to provide a “Better Customer Service”
  • Virtual PBX also eliminates your customers’ frustration of having to juggle different devices, each one with their different services, directory and messaging systems. Your customers will enjoy identical features and services across fixed and mobile devices. These include features like multi-ringing, user groups, call restrictions, call diversions, voice mailboxes, address books, and many more.


Cheaper communication costs and better cost control
  • Virtual VPX eliminates the maintenance costs of traditional on-site PBXs. There's no up-front of maintenance costs.
  • The communications expenditure becomes predictable as it is either flat fee, or tied to usage.


Greater flexibility to adapt communications to their changing business needs
  • Thanks to Virtual PBX your customers can quickly and transparently adapt to their changing needs in communications when, for example, they close offices or open new ones, as opposed to the rigidity of having to rewire PBX-based telephony.
  • Your customers can choose to display his identity with a Geographical Number or with a Mobile Identity, as most convenient to their case.

Making it happen

The Virtual PBX product from Atos is robust, proven and versatile. Results are rapid and tangible in reducing churn, extending enterprise market share, increasing earnings per business customer, and boosting profitable talk time.


Are you ready to discover how the Virtual PBX product from Atos can also work for you? Let’s talk!


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