Messaging Center

Messaging Center

The Short Message Service (SMS) is an important source of revenue for Communications Service Providers (CSP) and will continue to be in years to come
. Although the volume of SMSs between mobile subscribers is decreasing in many parts of the world - mainly due to Over-The-Top (OTT) messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter - the volume of SMSs in application communications is heavily increasing thanks to Machine-To-Machine (M2M) applications and mobile payments.


Atos has developed a flexible, highly-reliable, and cost-effective Messaging Center product for CSPs facing end-of-life or high-cost legacy Short Message Service Centers (SMSCs). Our Messaging Center has been successfully implemented in major Mobile Service Providers, efficiently handling their increasing messaging needs, while having notably reduced the maintenance costs of their messaging infrastructure.


Our carrier-grade Messaging Center is built on a modular architecture. 




It supports all the standard functionalities of an SMSC, and provides the following benefits to CSPs:

  Maximize messaging profits
  • The Messaging Center from Atos helps CSPs maximize their messaging profits thanks to a low-cost and highly-reliable product.
  • Its modular architecture allows CSPs to minimize infrastructure investments as their messaging business grows.  All modules may be co-located on the same hardware, but can be scaled independently according to business needs.
  • It is a fully virtualized product that can be deployed on cloud-based infrastructure as well as on traditional hardware.

  Provides rich functionality and flexibility to adapt to the CSPs changing messaging needs
  • Our Messaging Center provides a rich functionality with a flexible service enablement and deployment:
    • Mobile Originated / Terminated (MO/MT)
    • Application Originated / Terminated (AO/AT) messaging
    • Both Store-and-Forward and First-Delivery-Attempt processing methods
    • SMS anti-spoofing and anti-faking
    • Real-time charging support
    • SMS Router, implementing advanced terminated services
    • ‘MSISDN simulation’ for routing of SMS delivered via MAP to applications
    • SMS forking and redirection
    • SMS for VoLTE and VoWiFi terminals


The Messaging Center from Atos allows CSPs to flexibly replace or offload their legacy end-of-life SMSCs with a low-cost and highly-reliable product that can be rapidly deployed, without any disruption to the business.


Do you want to know how our Messaging Center can help you maximize your messaging profits? Let’s talk!



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