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Smart Factory – Delivering the next generation of manufacturing


Manufacturers must evolve fast in order to respond to increasing complexity both externally in the market, and internally in their production environments. A new breed of manufacturers is emerging to meet these challenges and move towards what many term ‘Industry 4.0’. The key step, above everything, is to realize a vision of the ‘Smart Factory’ – by seamlessly connecting the physical world of the shop floor with virtual IT systems, in real-time, to power meaningful decisions and drive constant operational and strategic flexibility.

Developing and perfecting your Smart Factory vision is vital to make your factory ecosystem able to drive your business strategy forward and deepen your competitive advantage. To get it right requires a partner with real understanding of manufacturing and factory environments, real transformational vision, and practical skill to integrate the new technologies and advanced processes you need.

Atos has a unique DNA and proven track record in helping manufacturers to achieve their Smart Factory vision. We create factory environments where Smart Products, Smart Machines and Augmented Operators collaborate to create faster, more scalable, cost-effective and collaborative manufacturing. And in our new Ascent Thought Leadership paper – which you can download now here – you can now discover our thinking enables us to:

  • Embed vital connection between processes, applications, machines, people, and plants – the connection that brings the Smart Factory to life
  • Implement the critical technologies that will make the real-time, connected Smart Factory a reality – from Augmented Reality to M2M communication, through real-time data analytics to practical 3D printing approaches.
  • Drive new operational parameters that enable you to achieve Cyber-Physical Systems, true, end-to-end visibility and developing a model prepared for disruption
  • And support you to develop the roadmap of change that is right for your business needs and operations. We help you set realistic transformational goals; to put innovation at the center of your plants; to overcome operational silos; and continuously move towards relevant change points you can measure.

Through our work with manufacturers around the world we have developed a unique vision of how to make the Smart Factory real, through exciting and practical steps designed to breathe new life and future growth into your production environments.

Now, we look forward to speaking with you about the Smart Factory you want to create, and helping you shape your journey forward – and invite you to:

  • Download our thought leadership here to find out more about how we make the Smart Factory happen for your business
  • Work with us at an onsite Workshop, where we can deliver you a high-level strategy and roadmap to see how and in what steps, you can move towards a full level of connectivity between your machines, operators, and every plant in your factory ecosystem.

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Veronique Lacassin
Global Marketing Leader

Ascent thought leadership from Atos – Smart Factory

Ascent thought leadership from Atos – Smart Factory

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