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Enterprise Content Management for Banking:
Opportunity from better financial services knowledge:

Proving content management excellence at The Olympic Games
Providing content, scores and critical data from all aspects of the Olympic Games to journalists, media institutions, athletes and over four billion viewers in 0.3 seconds is a massively complex undertaking. Our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services ensure the perfect execution of this daunting task, while also giving your business a new way to manage the deluge of information driving towards you.

A more effective ECM approach
Through our complete range of ECM services, Atos’ clients in financial services and elsewhere are reducing transaction costs and times by up to 50%. At the same time, they are reducing routine information activities by about 25%.

We combine our depth of knowledge and understanding of the needs of financial businesses with the most flexible and innovative ECM tools and processes. This enables us to create a true information and content management strategy for your needs and those of your customers. Our approach includes:

  • Multi-channel enablement - we give you a robust multi-channel strategy to aggregate every content platform together, control transactional data of all kinds, and manage reputation. Our ECM approach helps you embrace the online and mobile worlds, releasing a huge range of benefits within your business, including:
    • Better information and communication channels
    • Better customer response
    • Improved workflow.
  • Transactions and data storage - Atos’ ECM strategy controls and channels the vastly increasing transactional information your business receives. We ensure complete security and storage of, and ease of access to, the critical data that your organisation rests on – doing so in a robust, cost-effective way that protects your customers and thus your reputation.
  • Strong and flexible platform and infrastructure - we work closely with your existing systems to gather, collate, unify and interpret the many sources of unstructured data flowing throughout your business. This flexible infrastructure also enables us to give you different delivery models, including ECM through the Cloud.

Creating ECM that works
Our approach is consultancy-driven; our goal is always to help you transform unstructured raw data into usable information assets and help you to become the connected, borderless enterprise that today’s financial services environment demands.

For more information please download the Enterprise Content Management for Financial Services Factsheet.

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