Next Generation Branch

A refreshing vision on the Next Gen Branch, enabling the 'Now Insurance' Customer Experience


Customers today expect an engaging experience every time they interact with their insurers, no matter if they use their smartphone, tablet or visit the branch. To drive customer value over all the channels, insurers need to analyse all customer facing channels thoroughly. In the digital age, the branch still has it value, but it needs to fit the insurance organisation's overall multi-channel strategy.


It is our strong opinion that successful insurance organisations retain customers with streamlined services and an excellent customer journey as the customer moves from online to the branch and back again seamlessly.


The Next Gen Branch is a component-based engagement model that will make the customer consider every minute spent at the branch as a minute well invested –  with for instance a digital entrance wall and information wall displays, an interactive queue management system and a digital advisory table which helps customers to help themselves.


On top of that, Atos has designed the Next Gen Branch in such a way that it allows you to be truly agile and anticipate and adapt to the ever changing (future) needs of your customers, without having to change the branch strategy or implementations again and again.


Most importantly, it allows you to improve service to customers – and you will find synergies from streamlined operations, efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

Strengthen support and boost sales 


▶ Improve the customer journey with a seamless integration between online and in-branch
▶ Show and tell more about the activities in the branch and provide better guidance by optimizing marketing content with contextual & targeted information
▶ Help customers to help themselves with relevant information
▶ Replace paper advertisements throughout the building with relevant, up-to date, targeted communications that give a fantastic brand experience in-branch
▶ Facilitate better advisory meetings, reinforce the advisor’s role with specialized advice and bring in relevant expertise from other locations in line with your strategy for a particular customer
▶ Guarantee data privacy and security.


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Why Atos?

Atos is a proven innovator and your key digital transformation partner of choice.
We are one of the world’s strongest providers of IT services to the financial industry, with 18,000 FS-dedicated business technologists committed to powering progress by making world-class expertise local to our customers in 72 countries all over the world.


Our focus is always to design exactly the right strategy for an individual bank, seamlessly delivered through our 'Now Insurance' Digital Customer Experience solution set (here) and backed by our growing ecosystem of world-class technology players.


Together, we deploy proven best practice enhanced by ground-breaking innovations to drive business transformation - leading to profit growth and higher value per customer for our banks.


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