Trusted Healthcare

Trusted Healthcare

Trusted Healthcare


Interactions between people and systems are continuously recorded and monitored. For healthcare organizations, it is critical to safeguard this connectivity without inhibiting the opportunities it creates.


In the everything-connected digital world, healthcare organizations must bring together not just their own patient records from many complex systems, but also connect these records with patient-recorded online data as well.

This wealth of data must be protected from both physical and cyber attack, with no compromise to patient trust. All the while, potential revenue opportunities from digital connectivity must also be maximized. With patients themselves demanding more direct access to personal data, these are now must-haves.


Focusing on secure and compliant digital healthcare

Digital transformation is key to achieving this, providing both the wide-scale data connectivity now demanded and the necessary in-built security mechanisms to maintain data confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Atos Healthcare can help you achieve this from three perspectives:

  • Cybersecurity and data protection: providing end-to-end security and protection for sensitive medical data
  • Digital trust: designing and managing resilient, high-availability infrastructure and secure virtualization for critical healthcare systems
  • Transparency: ensuring compliance to regional and national healthcare legislation.


Atos as your partner for secure digital transformation

Atos can provide healthcare organizations with both the tools and the thinking to enhance trust and compliance in the digital age:

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Case Study : Susquehanna


Case Study : Barmharziger Bruder

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