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A perfect storm is hitting the world of education, which is being transformed by the power of new technology.

Young people are better connected than ever before, 19th Century education models are being overturned by a tidal wave of learning innovations, colleges now need to provide corporate-quality IT services not just to staff but to thousands of students, as well, while fostering personal development, lifelong learning and closer connection to work.

Add to that the explosive demand growth in the BRICs countries and the picture is one of continuing, rapid change. So how should educators cope?

Learn to let go

Emerging technologies are changing how young people engage with knowledge, so how can we integrate technology with education more effectively? The best way to maximize the potential of technology is for educational bodies to let it go and start their move to the Cloud.

In this new technology world, key services can be built from standard components, using proven best-practice, and delivered on-demand as services, with payment according to usage. Schools and colleges can now have as much or as little of what they need and pay only for what they use.

21st Century partnering

Atos has a dedicated approach to education and a long track record of supporting and investing in original science-based research, and that status has just been dramatically reinforced with our participation in the pan-European Helix Nebula Science Cloud.

Unlike niche players, we cover the landscape from security to outsourcing to industrial-scale Cloud services. Unlike global technology vendors, we don’t offer a “one size fits all” approach, or have IT products to sell. We are proven innovators in an education context, building and delivering advanced new concepts, like our new, pay per use, BPO delivered e-Examination service.

We act as client champions, integrating the best technology options; delivering customized services based on proven best practice; and staying up to date with emerging technologies at all times. And we cover the entire technology landscape for education, from core administration on a college campus to online tools, including social media, used by students in the home or on the move.

The Atos approach has five key components:

  • Share- bringing the scalability and cost-efficiency of the Cloud to the world of education.
  • Empower- using the full potential of consumer technology to develop new concepts and systems, attuned to the digital generation.
  • Connect- aligning education with the marketplace, an Atos speciality. From our Olympics IT challenge to successful joint employer-student initiatives to lifelong learning methods, Atos helps ensure employability for all.
  • Collaborate- providing the systems and infrastructure needed by young people as they use social networking skills to extend educational opportunities.
  • Secure- bringing peace of mind, keeping students and educational bodies safe from identity theft or physical threats.

New opportunities, here and now

Atos is your end to end education IT partner, helping educators use technology to open up new opportunities, while reducing costs and risks. Working with Atos enables educators to focus on their core concerns, knowing that their technology will always be affordable and relevant, supporting their own future vision at all times. The Atos 21st Century education vision helps educational bodies face the challenges of today and tomorrow with confidence.

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Assisting the Albeda College with Innovative IT Solutions

Discover how Atos has turned IT into an educational asset for the Albeda College in the Netherlands by providing innovative IT solutions such as cloud and eLearning, running the college’s IT together with the students, and providing work experience for its IT students.


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