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Mission accomplished: new outcomes for defense and security

Defense and security has always been about anticipating threat and making the best use of resources. Defense agencies must be able to deliver effective front-line support, focusing increasingly on the need for interoperability. But now, new and less well-defined threats including cyber-security complicate the picture, and secure networked collaboration becomes a priority.


Atos is an active international partner for many defense and security agencies including those of Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, NATO, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Specialist competences include:

  • Mission critical command and control systems
  • Homeland security, spanning identity management and border control
  • Education and training, including battlefield simulation
  • Procurement and expeditionary logistics

In addition to preparing for a world of increased threat, including volatile cyber-attack, the whole ecosystem of our defense and security agencies must also drive out inefficiency from its own IT practices. As both a specialist partner, and an expert in foundation IT, Atos business technologists are ready.

Defense and Security in Numbers

Within Defence Atos has:

  • Delivered 14 successful CFA deals on time across all domains
  • Saved nearly 400 Million pounds through improved Supply Chain Planning
  • Taken out 84 days lead-time from 144 day’s support activity
  • Achieved a 36% improvement in first demand availability of commodities
  • Provided over 7,000 hours training in procurement
  • Gained a 91% satisfaction rate with training facilitators
  • Won 5 CIPS and MCA awards for five successive years

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