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Omni-Channel Management: key to customer engagement


Technology convergence is enabling your customers to move across channels faster and easier; accessing contact centers, online banking and services through mobile devices and other platforms. They want one responsive, seamless experience across them all. To achieve this, and maintain customer loyalty, implement proactive services, reduce churn and drive growth, Omni-Channel Management is critical. 

Which is why Atos has made Omni-Channel Management a core component of our unique Now Banking approach.

Connect data, customer and business

The Atos Omni-Channel Management solution gives you, and your customers, a single seamless experience and knowledge repository throughout every transaction; essential as you seek to become more connected across every interaction and business process.


We help you to:
• Create a consistent customer experience across all channels
• Use Big Data Analytics to profile your customers in depth, understand their context, and give them targeted, proactive support when they need it
• Leverage Omni-Channel contacts to maximise the value of every customer interaction
• And drive wider digital transformation across all business processes and functions, further improving operational efficiency and corporate agility.


Atos is ready to use our proven experience in banking innovation to deliver Omni-Channel Management that will support you to become truly responsive, connected, working in real-time with speed, agility and security. 


Delivering excellence and thought leadership

To take informed decisions as you develop your Omni-Channel strategy, you need the latest thinking and insight. To support you, we have recently published our latest Atos whitepaper, Omni-Channel Management: delivering rich experience and proactive engagement, which you can download now opposite.
Written by leading Atos Financial Services experts, this far-reaching paper explores all the issues around Omni-Channel and the steps you can take to realize it effectively in your organization.

Lead the change with now banking


Omni-Channel Management is one of nine solutions from the Now Banking portfolio that enables you to maximise the value of every customer interaction.  To discover how our Now Banking solutions deliver a strong roadmap for change, click on the segment of your choice in the wheel below.

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Omni-Channel whitepaper


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