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Atos is a privileged partner of SAP and our heritage is unrivalled. Atos India (formerly known as Siemens IT Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.) has built a reputation for delivering the best combination of SAP related knowledge transfer and learning. We understand our clients don’t need an expert in SAP – they need an industry expert who’s also an expert in SAP.

The intensive program is imparted by practicing SAP consultants having in-depth product knowledge, project implementation experience and proficient course delivery skills. These professionals make you develop practical skills as well as management and application of SAP technology. Besides enabling innovation and competitive business decision-making.

We impart training at three levels across modules for Functional as well as Technical Consultants apart from New Dimension training besides BASIS.

Individual candidates or corporate nominated candidates could select from over 200 in-depth courses and additional industry standard topics. These courses could be chosen as a part of the Project Team training or End-User training. We also have a web-based training option for academy courses. On web-based training we have special offer for partnering Universities and Management Institutions.

The international SAP certification examination is an important benchmark of consultant expertise, making SAP Education a must for all functional managers and IT professionals.

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