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Gartner Report: Atos "No Email" Initiative Provides Valuable Lessons on Driving Big Change Through Social Collaboration

Gartner has published a research note highlighting the key lessons from our Zero email™ program. Describing the program as “a big change effort” in the way the 76,000+ employees interact throughout 52 countries, Gartner concludes that a cultural transformation of this kind and magnitude is very rare.

The novelty, scope and disruption of this initiative provoked a significant shift in in employee interactions, moving out of email and into social collaboration. The unique experiences and achievements of Atos’ change program to improve employee engagement provide a wealth of valuable information on the practices, investments and results of social collaboration.

In the note, Gartner highlights the challenges IT and business leaders pursuing a large scale collaborative culture transformation face. Read more >>


Zero Email™ Program wins Award for Excellence in Social Collaboration

Atos together with its business line blueKiwi Software has won the Forrester Groundswell Award for Excellence in Social Collaboration for its  Zero email™ program in the Business-To-Employee: Employee Collaboration category.

Quote Ted Schadler, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst:
"Once again we received many outstanding examples of how companies are empowering employees with social business programs. The entries in both categories this year highlight a growing sophistication in how companies are applying these technologies to transform their operations. The 2014 winners successfully engage their workforce with social and collaboration technologies to solve customer and business problems."

“Our panel of judges thought Atos’s program stood out for the pure gall of the initiative and impressive stats”

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Ensuring Wellbeing@work – creating a collaborative culture

The Atos Zero email™ program, launched in 2011, is a key pillar of the internal Wellbeing@work initiative. Its aim is to transform towards a social, collaborative enterprise where we share knowledge and find experts easily in order to respond to clients’ needs quickly and efficiently, delivering tangible business results. First and foremost this requires a cultural change, learning new behaviors and management styles.

Whereas most enterprise social initiatives actually add to the overall number of messages employees have to check on during the day, our Zero emailTM concept is powerful because it focuses on reducing the overall messaging load. So far it has saved 25% of work time previously spent on email and reduced disruptions and email overload by 60% — down from from an average of 100 internal emails per employee per week to 40. Furthermore a certification process has resulted in 220 business processes being redesigned to become “email free”.

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