Corporate Responsibility Report 2013

Corporate Responsibility Report 2013More than ever, the tough economic conditions, the rising energy prices, the increasing scarcity of resources and the more demanding environmental regulations are factors encouraging organizations to look for new ways to reduce costs, conserve energy and operate in a more sustainable way. Atos is seeing companies and organizations from all areas of the economy that are beginning to realize the potential of new technologies to transform the way in which people work and communities operate. In 2013, Atos continued to build extensively on the very solid foundations of previous years to take a leadership position when it comes to corporate responsibility and being recognized as the preferred responsible European IT company with a global reach.

Some certifications and awards included in 2013:


  • Atos received the highest GRI rating of A+ for its 2013 Corporate Responsibility Integrated Report,
  • Atos entered the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, demonstrating its corporate responsibility leadership worldwide. In line with Atos’ mission to become a Zero Carbon company, Atos entered the Carbon Disclosure Project index,
  • The Great Place to Work surveys have resulted in awards to three Atos geographies: Austria, Poland and Turkey.
  • Atos extended its ambition to an additional 50% reduction of global carbon footprint by 2015 (baseline 2012)


All of these awards reinforce Atos’ positioning in the market as a global Tier One company for Corporate Responsibility and reflect the efforts that Atos is making to use new technologies and forward-thinking concepts to transform the workplace, creating a compelling work environment.


Atos’ corporate responsibility strategy is focused on three objectives


  • Reinforcing its leadership in the field of IT for sustainability by striving to be ‘best in class’ in its own operations and also help its clients to become ‘best in class’ in sustainability.
  • Embedding corporate responsibility at the core of its business and processes by making sustainability part of Atos’ DNA and part of the ongoing process of transforming its business.
  • Identifying the challenges, establishing priorities and measuring its performance with the contribution of external and internal stakeholders


Atos embraces the principle of shared value, creating economic value in a way that addresses the needs of and adds value to society, proactively contributing to sustainable progress.

The Global Reporting Initiative


The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a network-based organization that has pioneered the development of the world's most widely used sustainability reporting framework and is committed to its continuous improvement and application worldwide. Find out more about the GRI here.

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