Innovation at Atos Worldgrid

Innovation in real time and business critical processes in Energy & Utilities

Atos Worldgrid is a leader in Smart Energy, delivering innovative solutions to advance its clients’ businesses. Our solutions include:

  • ADACS - a fully digital control command system for nuclear power plants (delivered for the first time in France 16 years before the USA, and also delivered in China)
  • Predictive Maintenance (be it in real time -Condition-Based Monitoring - or by off-line rule based analysis)
  • Water process full automation from production plant to distribution (with multi-criteria optimization using artificial intelligence)
  • Waveglobe - a wave energy system control
  • CARGA -  an Electrical Vehicles charging system
  • The IT specifications of a FLNG barge (from reservoir monitoring and production optimization to SAP)
  • The largest GIS and Asset Management system in the world (power and gas)
  • A completely interoperable and smart grid ready Smart Metering system (a world first)

Every year Atos Worldgrid invests in R&D for leading edge solutions such as Smart Nuclear (ADACS Product) and in areas such as Smart Metering and Smart Grid (ASGS Product). We also cooperate with many partners for EU R&D projects, such as OpenNode, for the design of the Smart Grid Node for future for secondary substations. We also anticipate the future needs of our customers, for instance we are the only IT company in Medgrid, designing the HVDC Supergrid for Euro Mediterranean countries.

Atos Worldgrid is an Atos business unit delivering sophisticated integration projects and real time Smart Energy solutions to Energy & Utilities companies across the power, water, oil & gas value chains. With 1,500 engineers and over 30 years experience, Atos Worldgrid operates in more than 15 countries. In particular, it has equipped some 70 nuclear power units with its Supervision and Command & Control software in France, the UK, Russia and China, and delivered the world's largest smart metering system.

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