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A new way to experience business technology

Located at Atos Headquarters in Bezons, close to Paris(France),and inaugurated on September 26th, 2012 by Thierry Breton, Atos Chairman and CEO. The Business Technology & Innovation Center (BTIC) is a customer experience platform aimed at tangibly promoting Atos Global Portfolio of solutions and Global Key Offerings, leveraging partnerships and alliances

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Shared intelligence & hands-on inspiration.

An Atos Business Technology & Innovation Center is an exceptional business experience. It is a showcase for the future, offering you exclusive access to live examples of the best of Atos business solutions and innovation.

Ideas become real Business, technology and commercial decisionmaking in focus

A BTIC gives you space – space where new ideas can take root, and where thoughts turn into actions. It is a space in which we will invite you to challenge us, and in which, we hope to challenge you with the aim of helping you find tangible solutions for your operational needs.

a collaborative adventure Bringing the right people together for exceptional results

You will spend time with the most senior and experienced Atos business, technology and commercial experts. In our hands-on innovation workshops, you will have the opportunity to discover what the latest developments in business technology could mean for you.

In a BTIC, you will do more than touch your future. You begin to make it happen.

Hands-on real solutions

Hands-on real solutions

Consumer experience

Consumer experience

The solutions and services available to you in a BTIC are real, live and tangible. We currently showcase around sixty examples of Atos business technology in action, and we are keen to schedule relevant and compelling hands-on sessions for your visit.

You get the chance to experiment with innovations that are transforming the way people think and work across public and private sectors. Examples include smart mobility, enterprise social networking, big data analytics, and agile cloud-based workplaces.

We don’t forget the consumer experience either. Atos is business-to- business, but many of our clients serve the citizen and consumer directly, worldwide. In the BTIC you will have the chance to experience innovation from the consumer perspective with our solutions for mobile retail; for second screen TV; self-service healthcare appointment booking and more.

Tailor-made every time

Tailor-made every time

Industry-specific focus

Industry-specific focus

We will not pack the agenda. Meticulous advance planning will ensure that you get to spend time with the right business, technology and commercial experts. We will make sure too, that everything is ready for your hands-on workshop sessions. But we want to leave time for the unexpected too. As our guest, you are in the driving seat. As ideas and discussions develop during your visit, we will follow the flow.

Many BTIC solutions are highly- specialized for specific industries: you can, for example, try your hand at managing a nuclear power station or experience the sophisticated digital asset management systems used by top broadcast and media companies. Careful preparation ensures the solutions and solution experts that are right for you will be ready and waiting. But do take time to look outside your own sector too – great ideas are often ripe for transfer.

“ The Business Technology & Innovation Centers will help Atos showcase its work and interact with clients around innovation in a creative way – improving awareness of their innovative capabilities.” IDC, December 2012

The BTIC is also the relay of Atos Global Leadership initiatives and announcements (such as the Zero emailTM program) and trailblazes the transformation in 2013 of Atos dozen demos centers worldwide into a network of growth driven Business Centers.

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