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Through joint investment and on-going technical, commercial and intellectual collaboration we provide a single, dedicated resource that gives you access to best-in-class solutions, delivered by world leading IT organizations.


Our joint offerings deliver high performance across both cloud and non-cloud solutions.


Data Center Optimization


As the demand for storage and processing power continues to increase exponentially, you look to optimize data center performance, handle rapid changes in demand and stay current – while keep overall data center budgets as lean as possible. All, within the constant challenge of harmonize the different aspects of IT infrastructure. Our offering combines the “best in class” technology skills and products of EMC with data center transformation services of Atos, to optimize your data center environment for greater compliancy, security and efficiency – standardized at lower cost.

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Enterprise Information Archiving


Making the right Enterprise Information Archiving choice is about more than choosing a product. You must be confident that your choices are right for your organization in the long-term. Atos and EMC are the primary contributors to the Enterprise Information Archiving solution, and our two companies work as one. Atos provides a combination of consultancy, implementation and ongoing management services with EMC providing the archiving technologies for first-class performance, usability and security.

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Remote Server Back-Up


Our Remote Server Back-Up service is designed to meet the many different conditions and requirements which exist across your remote office network. Even when running ‘out-of-hours’, it is important that back-up is optimized to minimize both network load and storage. Our Remote Back-Up service achieves both by deploying the advanced Avamar de-duplication and back-up management software from EMC. Used extensively across the EMC business network, Avamar can deliver savings in back-up disk storage of 95%. This service is primarily focused on server back-up and, if desired, can be purchased as apoint service.

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Enterprise Content Management for Healthcare


The Atos and EMC Healthcare offering is specifically designed to help healthcare organizations and national health systems consolidate, access, share and manage medical documents and images (x-rays, MRIs, etc.) from multiple departments into an interoperable, open vendor-neutral archive. Through a clear consulting approach (ITAH), the Atos Enterprise Content Management for Healthcare offering is based on EMC® Documentum® Integrated Patient Record (IPR) solutions, providing a service to enable a single view of patient medical documents and images linked with the patient record, regardless of modality, location or format.

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Enterprise Social Collaboration


Just as social media networks have changed the way we share news and ideas in our personal lives, so there is a similar wave of new collaboration practice sweeping through the workplace. Our Zero email™ offering is based on our own objective to eliminate internal email. At Atos, we believe that Zero email™ is the best managerial concept to drive our organization to become a truly social organization, fully adopting the technologies of the future workplace. We maintain an efficient partner ecosystem to bring the right solution to client when our enterprise social network software solution  blueKiwi is not a fit, e.g. VMware’s Socialcast. Socialcast makes it easy to stay on track, collaborate with colleagues, and get work done at any location, on any device. With Socialcast, you can create a common social layer across all your business applications.

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Enterprise Content Management for e-Justice and Case Management


The promise of e-justice is compelling. Using the power of contemporary communications and data management, justice systems can now be equipped not only to operate with greater efficiency and transparency. They can also adopt the means to ensure that they are fully prepared to handle the changes which the digital age has made to the lives of litigants, defendants and victims of crime. Our solution for e-Justice Case Management is built on the EMC XCP Documentum suite of products. These provide the end-to-end workflow and comprehensive document management capabilities required for effective e-Justice Case Management.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)


Inside every organization there are four domains in which Governance, Risk and Compliance are a continuous and critical obligation. Our GRC solution comprehensively addresses them all – ensuring that each specific demand is met. It also ensures that you gain from a cross functional view that, for most, has remained hidden until now. Because our GRC proposition is built around the RSA Archer platform, one can start with any individual module and build out as desired.

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Our strengths in Big Data, Security, Mobility, Cloud Services and Enterprise Social Collaboration enable us to provide innovative IT solutions and services. Working with the technologies and expertise of our partners we deliver genuinely transformational solutions, focused on efficiency, performance, cost-reduction, improved user experience and enhanced customer service.

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