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Atos and Dell have formed a strategic partnership which aims to deliver world-class managed services to our customers, providing them with a scalable end-to-end approach. A market-leading provider of IT infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking and client products, Dell provides its leading systems for innovative, secure and reliable IT services.

Our offering


Our global strategic alliance covers the following areas of Managed Services:


  • Datacenter services
  • Workplace services
  • IT Migration and Transformation Services

We optimize your data center environment for greater compliancy, security and efficiency. We manage workplace infrastructure differently to enable individuals to work anywhere, anytime, and on any device, whilst continuing to cater for strict management of user identity, privacy, digital rights and security. Innovative IT migration and transformation project services underpin the Atos & Dell partnership, its offerings and infrastructure proposition. The Atos & Dell partnership has been built to deliver technological innovation that enables the enhancement of the user experience; aiming to transform the way we consume IT, communicate and collaborate.

Our joint approach


Atos and Dell have a fundamental understanding of industrial and administrative business processes and different system environments. This serves as the basis for complex IT projects in which we combine technological competence with extensive IT expertise. Based on this expertise and global delivery capabilities, we will jointly develop and provide modular IT infrastructure services.


We mutually believe in innovation and in creating additional customer value that builds on our combined technology and delivery capabilities.

About Dell


Dell today is a global leader in delivering customer-centric technology solutions for businesses and consumers. Its scalable products, services and solutions enable customers to drive results, create competitive advantage and expand their opportunities. As one of the most successful technology solutions providers in the world, Dell ranks among the top 40 U.S. and the top 100 global companies. The company is growing through a combination of internal investments and business partnerships, as well as technology and solutions acquisitions, to provide the most value for its customers.

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