Apprenticeship Schemes

A work-study approach to support your learning

Apprenticeship Schemes

Our Apprenticeship scheme involves on the job training supported by qualifications – these differ by country and although in many cases it is mainly offered to candidates preparing a bachelor’s degree in IT, they may also be used for support functions such as Human Resources (HR) and Finance.


These schemes offer students the chance to build their confidence within the company environment, with structured Atos and University training to support you throughout the program.


This provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in real business projects, adapting what has been learnt in their classroom lessons to Atos, giving them a real understanding of what working in a company is like.


To apply for one of our Apprenticeship positions, please click here.



Beware of Fake Job Offers

  • Atos India Private Limited (Atos) does not charge any fee at any stage of the recruitment process nor does it authorise any agency or person to collect money (in cash or kind) for giving job offers at Atos

  • The job offers are released from valid Atos id to the candidate directly. The candidates should take due care to validate the authenticity of the email received

  • The candidates may call upon Atos board line numbers (published on Atos website) to contact the Atos recruitment team

The candidates are advised to take due care while dealing with any recruitment consultants. Atos does not accept any liability due to any fake offers or forged communications from recruitment agencies or consultants.

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